International Ms. Leather Contest 1999, Saturday, July 17, 1999

Photos by Papa Tony.


Contestant #1:
Lorrie Lind
New Orleans, LA
Contestant #2:
Marilyn Dickman
San Leandro, CA
Contestant #3:
Crickett Watkins
San Diego
1st runner up
Contestant #4:
Michele Smith
Baltimore, MD
Contestant #5:
Peggy (AKA "O")
2nd runner up
Contestant #6:
Faye Foltz
Los Angeles, CA
Contestant #7:
Albuquerque, NM
Contestant #8:
Pam Meyer
San Francisco, CA
IMsL '99
Contestant #9:
Suzy Koenigs
San Diego, CA
Contestant #10:
Vikki Clark
Omaha, NE
Contestant #11:
Laurie Aguinaga
San Jose, CA
Contestant #12:
Mario Lorenzi
Minneapolis, MN
Contestant #13:
Brooklyn, NY
Contestant #14:
Sybil King
Orlando, FL

Other Folks...



Ms. San Francisco Leather '99 Pam Meyer triumphed over 13 other women at the World Trade Center Hotel in Las Vegas last Saturday night, July 17 to become the 13th International Ms. Leather, only the second time in 13 years that a woman from San Francisco has taken the title. The first runner-up was Crickett Watkins of Chula Vista, CA (near San Diego) and the 2nd runner-up was Peggy (aka O), Ms. New York Leather of Manhattan.

The first ever International Ms. Boot Black contest was also wedged in between all the weekend activities and Leslie Anderson of Bosque Farms, New Mexico won that title. Leslie was formerly American Leather Woman '97 and was Ms. New Mexico Leather before that. The ImsL. contestants picked amongst themselves, the Team Player Award (OK, so it was Ms. Congeniality with a different name!) and that was won by runner-up, Crickett WatkinsÉa real dynamo of a woman with a great bubbly personality.

IMsL. '99 was a non-stop party weekend that included a basket created by each contestant which was then auctioned off to benefit the winners' travel fund. This event garnered $10,170, more than at last year's contest. Mighty big bucks for some dynamic gift baskets assured that our Pam would have a year with the title virtually worry-free and enabling her to travel almost anywhere.

Sarah Humble and Tony Mills did a bang-up job as the emcees and the hotel was sold out. Many delegates cabbed it from such high profile places as the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, the Mirage, New York, New York, Harrah's (a super super buffet there). International Drummer Boy Ryan Goldner, who tallied the scores for the contest along with his other half American Leather Man Scott Reikofski, vowed he would sample the buffet spreads at all the major hotels in Las Vegas and by Saturday night, he had almost achieved his goal with only 2 hostelries to go. Big boys and eat big buffet! They also managed to get Int'l. Mr. Drummer HervŽ Bernard on some of the more exotic roller coaster rides at some of the major hotels and I can't wait to get photos to you of IMD screaming his lungs out!

Since we were in Vegas, instead of long announcements of this event and that event coming up at the contest, there was a bingo game running throughout the contest with prizes for winners. There was even a genuine, although very campy, wedding ceremony in between the scoring segments between former IMsL. Spencer Bergstedt and her darling little Amy of Seattle onstage with Rev. Pat of MCC Albuquerque performing the ceremony. The dialogue had the audience in stitches including a ring exchange and throwing the wedding bouquet out into the audience.

Various female title holders made ceremonious donations of their title vests to Joanne Gaddy for the Leather Archives & Museum and more funds were raised for the new building in Chicago through snappy auctions.

Aside from the elevators going bonkers every so often, a few flooded toilets in some rooms and the usual straight hotel slow service, IMsL.'99 was a smashing success. They even created a logo pin that promptly sold out, and the leather vendor's fare was impressive with a variety of merchandise for both men and women.

I was proud to see so many leather men in attendance. The long list of activities included a reception for men, one for East Coast women and one for West Coast womenÉworkshops, (IMDrummer HervŽ attended the Techniques in Vaginal Fisting work shop!), readings by noted female authors and of course, some very esoteric play parties. Lots of interesting scenarios all weekend.

Megan DeJarlais, our outgoing leather goddess was bubbly throughout the weekend. I couldn't tell if she was nervous or trying hard not to cry at her stepping aside speech. It was a forthright, no-frills, tribute to her pride to have the title and heartfelt thanks to various individuals who stood by her throughout her year. Hey, I was impressed as was everyone else. So on a scale of 1 to 10, Amy Marie Meek scored another 10 for her efforts. It's not easy putting on an event of this magnitude. And hopefully, we'll see you all at IMsL. 2000 - it will be held in Toronto. All that Canadian bacon on the hoof!

And one final thing. At my deadline, no word of a victory party for Pam Meyer here on her own turf, but I'm sure there will be one. And with her sash husband, Mr. SF Leather Werner Tillinger, Pam's fantasy segment with him was a riot. I hope it got video taped!