Club Mantra

FetishMenSanDiego (established June 2010) is a very welcoming group, focusing upon male kinky beginners, seekers of wisdom and mentors. We have discussions and events every week, and we periodically host HUGE gatherings, just for the pleasure of promoting Tribal joy!

We meet every Wednesday 7PM, at Stomping Ground in Mission Valley, as well as other public spaces.


Our Purpose

FMSD's purpose is to provide an ongoing flow of events, to promote maximum interpersonal connections between old friends, and our newest friends. It's time to build up our social skills again!

We've gone from no internet at all, to way too damned much of it. The internet is making us Socially Awkward.

Somehow, we have to find a balance between the demands of our online existence, and finding friends that will stand by us for the rest of our lives.

As primates, we need hugs, pheromones, touch, sex, intimacy (including extreme intimacy) and up-close understanding of the men who could easily turn out to be our friends, playmates, lovers, Sirs, boys, slaves and Masters.

When you've decided that "Quality" is more important than "Quantity", we're here for you.


Who We Are

FMSD is a HUGE, cohesive and cooperative male kink/fetish group, with thousands of followers all over the world. If you're curious about kink, or you're already into it, you belong here.

We welcome all ages, all colors, all body-styles, and all experience-levels. The only people that we actively and aggressively discriminate against are...


So, we all agree to leave our bad moods outside. Our events are always peaceful, joyful, light-hearted and diverse.



We are known worldwide as the premier example of the newest style of kinky male brotherhood. We've got a solid history of hundreds of excellent, joyful and inclusive events of all sorts of sizes, locations and types... Educational (including hands-on practice), social and communal. A few are in bars, but many are not.

Our weekly Men's Discussions are big, informative and never boring. We consider them to be our best way to greet our newest brothers.

We're not a "hook-up club" (there are plenty of private parties and the internet for that), but a large number of couples have found each other through our events, since we host many excellent mixers.

If you want to find out more, click on the links on the top left.


The Men Running FMSD

We have a large team of brothers who trust, love and work well with each other, as we make plans and organize events. We have a long-term plan that allows our membership to grow (usually at least five new members a day), while we stay true to our purpose. This frees our brothers in the Tribe to relax, learn, play and build better relationships.


Our Brother Clubs

Our city is blessed with wonderful groups that also specialize in kinky males: San Diego Puppy Patrol, Leather boys of San Diego, San Diego Fetish Brotherhood, and soon... Onyx of Southern California!

We also proudly stand with our many Southern California brother clubs such as FetishMenLosAngeles, Desert Fetish Authority and many others, which are listed here.

Slide show from past events: